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Little Miss Ohio Pageant 2015 April 3


Ellie Vining,Ali Wayman,People's Choice Winner-Hannah Zickefoose,Alexis Richter,Talent Winner-Taylor Schneider,Kenzie Fennig,

WINNER- Chloe Thompson,Kylie Hohman

Congratulations to all for a wonderful Pageant 2014!
misswco 2014

Congratulations to the Title Holders!
pageant winners
MacKenzie Fennig, Gabby Bailey, Miss Ohio 2014, Alexis Richter, Ali Wayman, Kylie Hohman, Rosie Westerbeck


Miss West Central Ohio Scholarship Pageant

For further information please contact:

Susan Short theshorts329@gmail.com

Leslie Townsend funnyles@aol.com

The Miss West Central Ohio Pageant is a local preliminary to the Miss Ohio Pageant, a part of the Miss America System. In-kind scholarships to various local universities are available at the Miss West Central Ohio Scholarship Pageant. The Miss America System is the largest purveyor of scholarships for young women in the country.

Yoder Recital Hall, Bluffton University, Bluffton, Ohio Aug. 9, 2014
Two Titleholders receive $500 cash Scholarships
Miss West Central Title will be closed to counties below.
Miss Appleblossom Title is an OPEN pageant for contestants
outside the counties below.
Miss West Central Contestants receive $100 for Children's Miracle Donation.
Talent, Interview and Spirit Awards.
Also; In Kind Scholarships (closed contestants only) to
 Bluffton University and Ohio Northern University $2500 to each top 5 ranking contestant -renewable through participation .
Rhodes State College,$1500 one award to top five highest Ranked.
The Ohio State,Lima Campus -$1500 WINNER
The University of Northwestern - $10,000 to Winner
plus $500 Scholarship to any participants.
All Teen Contestants 13-17- Fee $200. Winners to receive $100 Scholarships. Closed counties only.

Miss West Central and Teens closed to Counties of:
Auglaize, Van Wert, Allen, Hardin, Mercer, Defiance,
Paulding, Hardin, Shelby, Marion and Putnam.

MANDATORY Events for 2014 Pageant:
Forum July 20-Primrose Lima 2-5 PM.
Rehearsal and Interview, Aug 8, 12-5 PM-Bluffton University
Rehearsal and Show Aug.9, 12-11 PM.
Hosted by Miss Ohio 2012-Elissa McCracken.

Rosie Westerbeck crowned Miss Ohio Teen 2014!
Rosie Westerbeck Miss Ohio Teen 2104

Congratulations to all for a wonderful Pageant!
Pageant Contestants 2013

Miss West Central Ohio 2013


Congratulation to our Little Misses in Pageant 2014
Little Miss 2014
Chloe Thompson, Marley MacTavish,Miss Apple Blossom OT,Rosie Westerbeck,runner up Hannah Zickefoose,Miss West Central OT, Kylie Hohman,WINNER Ellie Vining,Miss West Central Kirsten Fennig,Bailey and Bethany Althauser,Sayler Wise

2013 Miss West Central Pageant Scholarship info:
Title Holders to receive a total of-$3500 in Cash Scholarships with In Kind Scholarships as Follows for Miss Portion
1. Ohio Northern University  & Bluffton University, $2500 top 5 ranking renewable through participation
2. The Ohio State Lima: $1500 to one Title winner.
3. University of Northwestern, Lima: $10,000. One Titleholder-$500 to any entry
4. Rhodes State, Lima -$1500 one contestant according to Ranking.


The Newly Crowned 2013
MissWCO 2013 Queens
Samantha Hartings, Kirsten Fennig, Angela Bouch

Teen Winners
Kylie Hohman and Rosie Westerbeck

Teens and Court
Teens & Misses
Layne Schneider MCL 2012, Alexis Thorbahn RU, Kylie Homan Miss West Central Outstanding Teen, Rosie Westerbeck Miss Apple Blossom OT, Host Katie Stam Miss America 2009, Samantha, Elissa McCracken Miss Ohio 2012, Angela, Kirsten, Alexis Richter 1st RU, Veronica Wende 2nd RU

All three Miss Titles will receive a $500 Award!
All adult Miss contestants who compete will receive a $100 expense award!
The highest two ad sales (for TV commercials) will choose their spot in the line-up!

Send to Susan Short –ED-419.841.8648/ susanroger329@yahoo.com
Leslie Townsend-419.852.0950/ funnyles@aol.com
Mary Lehman-419.305.6358/ maryrlehman@aol.com

Elissa McCracken Miss Ohio 2012
Elissa McCracken Miss Ohio2012

Katie Stam Miss America 2009
Katie Stam Miss America 2009

Emily Tabar
Emily Tabor
Congrats to Emily Tabar - Miss Crystal Lake Outstanding Teen 2013!
Crowned February 2013 at Primrose Retirement Community ,Marion

Miss West Central Teen 2012 & Miss Moonglow Teen 2012
Miss Teens 2012
Rosie Westerbeck and Shelby Jane Boyd

Above with Miss Ohio Teen Sarah Eash 2012 and Miss Ohio Elissa McCracken
The Contenders
Rosie Westerbeck, Shelby Boyd, Sarah Eash, Elissa McCracken

Little Misses
Little Miss Pageant
Ali Wayman LM 2011, 2nd RU Brianna Kay Wiedeman, Little Miss 2012 Saylor Mae Wise,
1st RU Chloe Autumn Thompson, People's Choice Dylan Rae Snyder

The talented cast
Back row: Victoria Knapke, Makenzie Sue Fennig, Samanta Garlock, Elissa McCracken,
Kelsey Barrett, Rosie Westerbeck, Shelby Boyd, Matti Chrisman, Layne Schneider, Sarah Eash,
Alexis Garlock, Hannah Felver, FRONT: Ali Wayman, Marley Haile Freedom Mactavish,
Brianna Kay Wiedeman, Saylor Mae Wise, Dylan Rae Snyder, Chloe Autumn Thompson,
Chanteil Monique Moore, Hannah Joe Sieke Foose, Ella Renee Delong, Natalie Patrick

Visit Mary Campbell for her review of below.

Congratulations to the newly crowned 2012
Miss Crystal Lake and Miss West Central!
Layne Schneider and Kelsey Barrett

2012 Top Contestants with Miss Ohio and Miss America 2009
Rachel Hertenstein, Veronica Wende, Elissa McCracken, Layne Schneider, Kelsey Barrett, Katy Stam, Cayla Hellwarth,

Entire Cast
2012 MissWCO&CrystalLake
(names soon)


The Players
Leslie Norris Townsend, Elissa McCracken, Layne Schneider, Kelsey Barrett, Katy Stam

Hosted by Katie Stam,Miss America 2009.
Televised on NBC/Lima August 18, 7:00 PM
Fox/Lima August 25, 12:00 Noon
Katie Stam Miss America 2009

Elissa McCracken: MISS OHIO 2012!
On to Miss America!
Elissa McCracken Miss Ohio2012

Sponsored by Rhonda Shear's Ahh Bra's (all contestants receive them).

Contestant search: May 15-July 15, 2012.
Open to Counties of:
Auglaize, Van Wert, Allen, Hardin, Mercer, Defiance,
Paulding, Hardin, Shelby, Marion and Putnam.

Forum date: Sunday July 15th, at Ralphies in Lima 2:00 PM.
Rehearsal Date: July 25th at 9:00 to 5:00 PM at
Niswonger Performing Arts Center,Van Wert Ohio.(Mandatory)

Two Titles given away. All go to Miss Ohio!
$1000 Scholarships!

In kind scholarships:
OHIO NORTHERN- $2500 each to top 5 ranking (renewable).
University of Northwestern, Lima: $10,000.00 to winner. $500 to all participants.
The Ohio State Lima: $1500 to winner (Lima).
Rhodes State: $1500.00 to any participant according to ranking.
Bluffton University: $2500 each to top 5 participants according to ranking (renewable).

Executive Director: Susan Short
Leslie Townsend
Madonna Pettit

Last years highlights:

Little Miss Ohio, Miss West Central Ohio/Miss Crystal Lake Outstanding Teens 2011
2011 LM/Teens
Elissa McCracken, Matti Lynn Chrisman (Miss Crystal Lake Teen 2011),
Ali Wayman (Little Miss Ohio 2011), Shelby Boyd (Miss West Central Ohio Teen 2011),
Julianne Grace Roop, Kelsey Barrett, Devon Stansbury, Hanna Tumbusch


Court 2011
Natalie Rose Patrick (2nd Runner up), Allison Luedeke (Spirit Award),
Breah Anderson (1st Runner Up Little Miss),
Miss Crystal Lake 2011, Little Miss Ohio 2011, Miss West Central Ohio 2011
Chelsea Taylor (People's Choice), Lissie Massingill (Spirit Award),
Kelsey Barrett (Miss Ohio Outstanding Teen, Jocelyn Campbell (1st Runner Up Teen)


Entire Cast - All Winners


Miss West Central and Miss Crystal Lake 2011 with 2009 Miss America
Devon Stansbury, Katie Stam, Elissa McCracken

Congratulations to all the talented Contestants and Court of 2011!

Kelsey Barrett Miss Teen Ohio 2011

2010 Miss Outstanding Teen Winners
Hanna Tumbusch (Miss WCO Teen) Bobbie Kay McGhee (1st RU) Kelsey Barrett (Miss CL Teen)

Crowning 2010
Miss Crystal Lake Teen Kelsey Barrett looks on as Hanna Tumbusch is crowned
Miss West Central Teen by outgoing Kaitlin Craig. Assisted by Miss Ohio
Outstanding Teen 2010 Cecili Weber and Miss WCO 2010 Cayla Hellwarth


Little Miss Winners 2010
Little Miss 2010
Breah Anderson (1st RU), Emma Rae Ferguson (PC), Julianne Grace Roop Little Miss Ohio 2010

Congratulations to the the entire cast of the 2010 Miss West Central Ohio Pageant!
They made it an outstanding pageant!
from left front: Emma Rae Ferguson, Jenna Counts, Julianne Grace Roop, Ali Wayman,
Breah Anderson, Lissie Massengill, Alexis Garlock, Kylie Hohman,
BL: Kaitlin Craig, Hanna Tumbusch, Kelsey Barrett, Kelsea Allenbaugh,
Samantha Garlock, Allison Luedeke, Rosie Westerbeck, Bobbie Kay McGhee, Olivia Miller


2010 Pageant Winners!
MA2008 Kirsten Haglund_ Miss Lima Square Fair_ Miss Crystal Lake_Miss West Central
2010 MWCO
Kirsten Haglund, Elissa McCracken, Shannon O'Neill, Cayla Hellwarth

Becky Minger Miss Ohio 2010, Jena Swiegart 2nd Runner up, Elissa McCracken Miss Lima Square Fair, Shannon O'Neill Miss Crystal Lake, Kirsten Haglund Miss America 2008, Cayla Hellwarth Miss West Central Ohio, Kara Schoenhofer 1st Runner up, Katie Bowen Miss West Central 2009


3 Queens

All Contestants with Becky Minger MO 2010 and Katie Bowen MWCO 2009
21010 All
2010 Photos courtesy Roark Studio

Hosted by Miss America 2008 Kirsten Haglund!
Miss America 2008

2009 Miss West Central Ohio
Miss West Central Ohio Group

Miss West Central Ohio and Miss Lima Square Fair Contestants w/Miss America



Victoria Miller, Courtney Monk, Stephanie Spitnale, Katie Ulrich, Kaye Lani Raye Rafko, Queen Katie Bowen


2009 Queens
Miss Lima Square Fair Shannon O'Neill and Miss West Central Ohio Katie Bowen 2009

Queen Shannon O'Neill, Miss America Kay Lani Raye Rafko, Kristy Moneysmith 1st Runner up 2009

More pictures here

For last years photos click here


Miss West Central Teen & Little Miss Pageant with Miss Ohio 2009 Erica Gelhaus
Teen&Little Miss 2009


3 Teen Queens
Jenna Sweigart, Kelsey Barrett, Kaitlin Craig,
Teen Queens


Teens w/Miss Ohio
Veronica Wende, Jenna Sweigart, Erica Gelhaus, Kaitlin Craig, Kelsey Barrett, Kirsten Fennig
(Miss Ohio Outstanding Teen, Miss Grand Lake Teen, Erica MO, Miss WCO Teen, Miss Limaland, 1st RU


Lil' Miss Ohio 2009
Kylie Hohman Little Miss Ohio 2009



Miss WCO 2006
Jessica Barrett

Miss West Central Ohio 2004
Pam Reasoner

Miss West Central Ohio 2005
Kyrsten Chambers

Victoria Miller 2008

Miss West Central Ohio 2008
Victoria Miller

If you are interested in being a part of the 2010 pageant please Contact:

Miss West Central Ohio
Madonna Pettit 419-305-8842

Miss West Central Ohio's Outstanding Teen
Leslie Townsend at 419-852-0950

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